The unspoilt nature of Hiiumaa, privacy and picturesque beaches attract more and more visitors.

"KALURI PUHKEMAJA" is a peculiar guesthouse, which is situated at Sõru Harbour, in the village of Pärna, Emmaste parish. Our guesthouse is one of the buildings that formed a harbour in the last century. It was reconstructed during the project "The Sustainable Development of Fisheries Areas". The second floor with two bedrooms, cosy and spacious lounge with a kitchenette downstairs, a sauna with a wooden heating, toilets and a bathroom were built. The rooms upstairs are full of light and have a marvellous sea view. In good weather Saaremaa will be also seen. The guesthouse is in the building of an old power station, which supplied the port with electricity. We hope that the place has not lost its meaning- to relieve visitors' weekdays' tensions and recharge batteries in order to put new ideas into practice. The cosy interior of 'Kalurimaja': a fireplace, spacious rooms; the sea nearby and a harbour area create good premises to that.

The former fish processing department has also changed its function: instead of fish baskets and barrels of salted herring there is a pub ('Paadikuur'), where different concerts are held, Midsummer Eve is celebrated, weddings are thrown...

The ferry operates on the line Hiiumaa-Saaremaa. Sõru harbour also services small boats and yachts. There is a beach, children's playground, shop and maritime museum. This is still a harbour where local fishermen deal with small-scale coastal fishing. One of the purposes of establishing our guesthouse was to introduce fishing opportunities and equipment to visitors in Sõru. In good weather there may be a chance to go fishing with local fishermen and later cook delicious food from the catch in the guesthouse. It is also possible to rent a boat for recreational fishing. The self-caught fish usually tastes the best!

'Kalurimaja' offers refreshing rest, interesting pastime and entertainment. Welcome!

Kaluri Guesthouse. Sõru harbour, Pärna village, Emmaste parish, Hiiumaa, Estonia.
Phone: +372 5018224 (Merilin), +372 5170652 (Marko). info(at)